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Confession: we intended starting this online journal months ago, but as so often happens, busy-ness pushed this little project to the backburner. But, there’s no time like the present!

Those who visited the farm last season would have noticed it was our busiest season ever – we entered the online fray and word spread like wildfire! This year we have so many projects and plans to make visiting the farm in 2014 even better.

As the cooler weather sets in, we’ll begin pruning the blueberry bushes to encourage new growth and fruit, and keep them in check (they’re raising the netting roof at the moment!). We’re also working on a new, extra-big veggie patch and have been planting carrots, garlic and winter greens in our existing garden beds.

Our biggest project at the moment is finishing our little shed/cottage. If you visited to pick berries last season, you would have spotted the cute blue shed that we’ve converted into a one-bedder, complete with rustic corrugated iron walls, leadlight windows and chandeliers. Well, in the last month Graham has built a fantastic pergola around the shed and on the Mother’s Day weekend we started making a screen to enclose one end of the pergola with old garden gates and a window. We plan to grow a passionfruit vine on the large piece of reinforcing mesh facing out, and a wisteria vine over the entire pergola to make it a cool, private place to sit in summer. We’ve even installed a chandelier, complete with solar lightbulbs, to light the space by night! By spring, we hope to open the shed as a self-contained B&B, as we’re so ideally located to the vineyards and other Hunter attractions. We’ll be updating you all on the progress here on our blog, so stay tuned…

Graham's pergola handiwork - it was a huge job!

Graham’s pergola handiwork – it was a huge job! We’ll plant a passionfruit over the rio on the left


Fitting the old gates together is a little like playing Tetris

Fitting the old gates together is a little like playing Tetris

That’s all from Misty Valley Farm this week! We’ll keep you posted with more happenings at the farm over winter. Let us know what you think of Graham’s handiwork in the comments below.

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