Making the veggie patch

This week on the farm, we’ve been readying our site for our new vegetable patch, just outside the blueberry orchard. We were originally going to move the blueberry bushes that are outside the netted area into the netted enclosure, but are running out of time as at least some of them have started flowering, and they are overgrown with grass and weeds. So we’ve decided to keep them where they are and incorporate them into the veggie patch for now. The plan is to grow strawberries under the blueberries here as a (delicious) living mulch.


These bushes are much happier without the weeds and ferns beneath them


We spent the last few days clearing the first hedge of ferns and trees that had self-sown in that area. We will be moving our chickens onto the tilled area so they can scratch it up, fertilise it and hopefully eat the weed seeds, then we’ll cover it with a thick layer of lucerne to break down until spring, when we will start sowing our vegetables. In the meantime we need to get into the enclosed area to prune, weed and mend the netting before the next season.

Autumn is a beautiful time on the farm and most mornings we’ve been greeted with a thick blanket of mist hanging low over the grass. It’s easy to remember how the farm got its name when you see this!

Misty mornings on the farm

Misty mornings on the farm


And, last but not least, our latest news is that we have welcomed three milking goats to the farm! It’s been a while since we’ve had any animals around apart from the chickens, and we’ve missed it. These goats came from a farm where there was not one blade of grass for them to eat. They emerged from the trailer and started nibbling the grass immediately. At the moment they are very happy and we will be keeping them close to the house for a while to allow them to adjust to us and their new home before we move them to one of our paddocks. We plan to coax them close to the house each afternoon to keep them safe, and as they are creatures of habit they should get used to the routine fairly quickly. They’re already very tame and enjoy our pats. We won’t be attempting milking until they have kids. Their names are Heidi, Clara and Polly.


Meet our new girls, Heidi, Clara and Polly.

The new girls, Heidi, Clara and Polly.

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