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Nestled in Hunter Valley wine country, Misty Valley Farm is home to the area’s best-kept secret – an organic blueberry orchard.

Although these berries hail from North America, they’re perfectly suited to our climate of warm days and cool nights, and rich, acidic soil. The local bower birds love them too!

At Misty Valley Farm we believe in organic, biodynamic farming principles that work with the earth, not against it, and the joys of freshly harvested produce. We also reckon that picking your own blueberries in our magnificent setting is as good for the soul as the fruit is for your health.

Misty Valley Farm is open to pickers during summer, and we supply to local shops and restaurants, too. If you’d like to visit the farm to pick your own berries, or if you’re a shop owner or chef and would like to buy our amazing berries, contact us. We’re open Friday to Monday throughout the season, from 8am till 5pm. Check our home page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates on berry availability.