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How much does it cost to pick your own berries?
It costs $15 per kilo to pick your own. If you’d like us to do the hard work for you, we charge $30 per kilo (plus $10 delivery). We request a minimum spend/pick of 500g/$7.50 per person when you visit to pick your own.

Isn’t that a bit expensive?
Actually, if you compare it to the supermarkets, it’s pretty cheap! You’ll pay anywhere between $3 and $6 for a standard 125g punnet of blueberries (not organic). Ours are $1.50 per 100g, and you won’t find any as fresh or as delicious as the berries you’ve picked yourself.

Are the berries certified organic?
No – but rest assured we haven’t used pesticides on our berries in the 21 years we’ve been at the farm. Never have, never will.

How long does blueberry season last?
Our short season runs from December to late January, give or take a few weeks, depending on weather and demand. We’re working on planting more varieties to extend our season – stay tuned!

What varieties do you grow?
We grow a few varieties. The big, juicy ones in the first few rows are Bonitas. They’re firm and plump and are a great way to fill up your bucket fast. We recommend sticking to these rows if you have kids. The rows further up the back are Premier, Becky Blues or Climax blueberries. They’re a bit smaller, but what they lack in size they make up for in flavour. They pack a sweet punch.

How do you pick a blueberry?
Glad you asked – it’s a delicate job and there’s definitely a knack to it. Try to avoid taking shortcuts as the berries don’t all ripen at once. This is good news because it means the bush will continue to fruit the entire season, but it does make picking painstaking work. Pick the berries individually, rolling them off gently in your hand. If you have to tug it, it’s not ready!

What’s the best time to pick?
We recommend coming early in the morning – before 11am – or early afternoon, from 2pm, as it can get extremely hot during the middle of the day. Bring a hat, sunscreen and a light shirt to cover up. Closed shoes or gumboots are a good idea too.

Can my kids pick? 
Kids aged 5 and up are allowed entry to pick the berries and we ask that you keep a very close eye on them while they’re in the orchard as we have a number of creepy crawlies at the farm.

Can I bring my pet?
Sorry, we don’t allow pets at the farm.

How long will the blueberries keep?
Our berries are super fresh, so they’ll last up to four weeks in your fridge if you store them correctly. Wash and dry them thoroughly and keep them in a container in the fridge (if you can resist!). You can also freeze them for up to two years. Freeze them fresh to lock in their nutrients.

Do I need to bring a bucket?
Nope, we have plenty of buckets here for pickers. But if you’d like to bring your own, go for it. Some people find it easier to pick straight into their own containers.

I can eat as many blueberries as I want, right?
Actually, no… We know there’s nothing better than popping a blueberry straight from the bush into your mouth, but we do ask that you’re considerate. Nibbling on a few berries here and there as you pick is all part of the fun – eating rather than picking, or sitting down to munch your berries before you’ve weighed and paid is not.

Can I have a picnic at the farm?
Sorry, we’re not open to picnickers, but there is a lovely spot just down the lane. Old Brush welcomes picnickers and you can access some great bushwalking trails from the property. Follow the signs on the lane to Old Brush.

Are you open over Christmas? 
No, we’re closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day every year. Check our Facebook page ( for updates on our opening hours over the festive season.

How far is the farm from Sydney?
We’re conveniently located about two hours from Sydney on the M1 (previously known as the F3), making it an easy day trip or a nice detour on the way to the vineyards.

Do you grow anything else?
At the moment, it’s just the berries. Every now and then we’ll have a glut of tomatoes, potatoes, herbs or eggs, so you may strike it lucky at the farm gate!